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i think i may learn to ride one of these days. just a thought.


  1. martie said...:

    Nice set of photos! I really like the one where the horse is kicking up the dust! Unlike you, I have no desire to ride ... horses and I do not get on well together. (But I did take a shot of a wild horse in captivity - and it made me sad...)

  1. Mahboybeh said...:

    Hey is Great ! I love all of horses !

  1. Mahboubeh said...:

    hey This is Great samanta ..I love all of horses :)

  1. Andrei Barbu said...:

    Great shots! I love horses! Beautiful moments u have here!

  1. jlbussey said...:

    Horses are lovely creatures, and great subjects. However, having tried learning to ride, I find that I prefer the other kind of horsepower, it's more obedient. :)

  1. Anonymous said...:

    simply beautifully captured shots...lovely!

  1. tlhagen65 said...:

    Samantha, you have some amazing and wonderful work! I love your portrait work!

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