beauty in simplicity.

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it's been a long week. I have to admit, I didn't visualize myself on the other side or at the end of it, like I am right now. it's funny how the things we build up in our minds end up like all the others - behind us. am I alive? yes. am I ok? yes! thank God. now on to the next big thing. in the meantime, i want to share some images from a fabulous dinner we had at pf chang's china bistro. check out my fortune: there is beauty in simplicity. i love that!

beauty in simplicity
cheese cake for dessert!
take out
PF Changs



  1. Sarito said...:

    Great light and DOF on all these photos. I particularly like the quotes :).

  1. grant said...:

    i like all these shots very much. the fortune one works beautifully.

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