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whenever we visit my sis, we make a habit of getting breakfast at IHOP, The International House of Pancakes. a yummy breakfast indeed!


  1. Andrei Barbu said...:

    Great shots, i like the angle, very well seen!

  1. josh said...:

    Samantha, you take great photos! You're definitely talented! In the future, you may want to consider taking photos somewhere other than IHOP. The company has just been exposed for animal cruelty and food safety issues. Check out this short undercover video of IHOP's egg supplier: www.humanesociety.org/ihop

    Keep up your great work -- your photos are awesome!

  1. theladyontheroad said...:

    How can i lose weight with such tempting desserts?

  1. Sammy-J said...:

    Hahaha! You're right it is NOT easy.

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