Opening Night Gala - Windsor International Film Festival. { sneak peek }

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Today marks the beginning of Windsor's International Film Festival 2009! I was in attendance for this evening's gala and will be covering the festival throughout the weekend. The gala, held at Caesar's Hotel and Casino, included the viewing of director Dilip Mehta's, Cooking with Stella. For the complete schedule of films to be shown this weekend please visit Here is just a sneak peek of tonight's gala.


More photos coming soon!


  1. martie said...:

    Wow! Great shots! The colors are so vibrant. Bet you had a grand time!

  1. fabrizio said...:

    nice documentary set samantha nice work

  1. Elaine- said...:

    wow what colors, and what yummy looking food, i'm sooo hungry and would like to jump into your pictures :)

  1. mariana said...:

    Wonderful set of pictures !

  1. Anonymous said...:

    Very nice, what you did....I like it very much.
    Francine Aminus3

  1. Bernardo said...:

    Una serie de foto con unos tonos y colores excelentes.
    Muy buenas fotos.

  1. Faramarz said...:

    you have a beautiful blog...

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