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shooting in the middle of Toronto with Shehan was a blast. the creativity in his portrait session were mainly his ideas; all I had to do was press the button! a true natural indeed. check them out!

sneak peek!


  1. fabrizio said...:

    very original portrait set wonderful lightness

  1. Will said...:

    Nice series of portraits, especially like the one of him sitting down in front of the wall, really nice lighting in the shot.

    For some of the portraits in low light I would suggest you get a diffuser if you are using flash, or get an off shoe flash cord (or a digital transmitter and set up your flash on a tripod) and mess about with different lighting styles, think you will enjoy the results.

  1. SamanthaClarke said...:

    Thanks to you both!

  1. Sean said...:

    Really nice, Sam. He has great style, and love how the urban atmosphere flows through.

  1. MÂȘ Angeles said...:

    Bonito reportaje claro que el modelo te lo ha puesto facil, que guapo es!!! Saludos!

  1. Shehan said...:

    Hi....Shehan here, just want to say thank you for an amazing photo session!!! Hope to work with you in the near future!! and to Sean...thanks for the compliment !!

  1. SamanthaClarke said...:

    You're welcome Shehan! Can't wait for the next one!! :-D

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