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About a week ago I shared a sneak peek of Jeff and Sharon's maternity shoot at Toogood Pond in Unionville. Thank you to everyone for the amazing comments here on the blog and on the Facebook page. Keep 'em coming!!

Jeff and Sharon braved the chilly weather a couple Saturdays ago and I am so happy they did! I love these images so much and, as you can see, I had a hard time choosing just a few to share with you. I hope you don't mind, I decided to post a whole bunch instead! These two are expecting their baby girl on Christmas day - hence the giant red bow! I hope everyone is as excited about the holiday as I bet this couple and their families are! Once again, thanks you two... I couldn't be happier to be apart of it all.


What do you think about the new banner! Festive don't ya think!?


  1. Anina Botes said...:

    WOW!!! I don't know where to begin... :) These shots are beautiful! Every single one is perfect. You have captured LOVE so very well. This couple must be so happy (thrilled) with these shots. Well done! I also like the new banner - I've noticed it immediately.

  1. martie said...:

    These are all so lovely - but I really, really like the B&W with the big red bow!

  1. I am not pregnant but if I was I definitely wnted some photos like that to remember the moment...

  1. Jeff said...:

    saaam!! i just wanna say thanks for all your hard work (although it probably wasn't hard at all =) ). Sharon and I love the pics!!! i'm glad i took the mustache one. It's my favorite. I could feel that it was going to be a phenomenal picture, hehehe. I sense your techniques are becoming more refined. Maybe i should consider taking you under my wing so you could finally go pro HAHAHAHAHAH. Catch you on the flip side my Seaton chum .

    btw...did you know that there is a she is also a threw me off out because she has horse eyes as her home pics . (she lacked the creative talent i saw on your website =P )

  1. Gorgeous photos.

  1. mariana said...:

    wow.. wow.. this is a brilliant set . bravo ! All the best to these lovely young people ;))

  1. I'm lovin' the fourth one! Such a cute couple!

  1. SamanthaClarke said...:

    Thanks everyone! And Jeff you are too funny!! Can't wait to do some newborn portraits of baby Chloe! :-)

  1. Nas said...:

    What an adorable couple! Beautiful!!

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