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This is a series I shot in my neighborhood. The first ones were taken back in September and they're next to some I shot today. While viewing the recent ones, I realized that they slightly resemble those from 3 months ago. I assure you that this wasn't the goal of my outing, but more like a pleasant and interesting surprise. These were all taken just down the street from my house in Windsor, Ontario. The skyline pic is downtown Detroit and the tree is HUGE. Have a happy weekend!






  1. Megan Garrison said...:

    Fun idea! First time I've seen it done actually :)

  1. Cheryl said...:

    I enjoyed the comparisons between the photos. Its amazing how one looks at things and another time can be totally amazed by a sight that before was just "there".

  1. Antoine said...:

    Your new photos are very very beautiful. Colours are wonderful. Have a lovely day.

  1. Dre said...:

    love this

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