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My great friend Frances has kindly accepted my offer to do a guest blog post right here on SCP today about her BIG donation and comment on the whole experience. So welcome Frances!! Check out her awesome story with all the pictures below. Take it away girl!!

ANNNNNNDDDDDDD CUT! That's a wrap people!

That's exactly how "the big cut" went..except it wasn't actually a wrap until the final "after" head shot by the one and only professional Samantha Clarke. Not only was my entire experience full of anxiety and excitement but it was a lot of fun and quite memorable, having had the opportunity to share it with an amazing and talented friend of 21 years.

I have always been fortunate enough to grow my hair to length my heart desired and I'm always looking for opportunities to give back to children and families in the community. About eight years ago, I requested to submit my long locks to various charitable foundations. Unfortunately, they were rejecting my donation left, right, and centre. In order to make a donation, donors must meet multiple requirements. That's right... it wasn't as easy as "one, two, three, cut".

Hair donations must be a minimum of 10 inches, no chemical treatments, etc. Eight years ago, my hair length was just about 10 inches long (I wasn't emotionally and physically prepared for a full shave), it was coloured with curls, and permed straight. It took eight years to grow out and just before Christmas 2009, I inquired again. Once again, I faced rejection as the hair was layered. So, I decided to give it another few years and continue trimming my hair to my desired length in the meantime. My hair was about 20 inches long at this point so I decided to go for a seven inch trim on Christmas Eve.

Shortly after New Years Day 2010, I received a request for my hair!! I was so thrilled, although, at the same time extremely upset with the fact that I just trimmed 7 inches and donated it to the garbage man. Nonetheless, I clenched every muscle in my body and agreed to make the donation in March. Angel Hair for Kids is a program of a Child's Voice Foundation. It costs 800$ to turn 10-12 donated ponytails into wigs for children from financially disadvantaged families who have lost their hair from medical treatments. I hosted a fundraising event to earn as much money as possible to support the manufacturing costs as well.

This is when my heart starting pumping just a little bit faster!

This is when I thought I required a respirator.. my heart almost failed.

This is after my photographer and hairdresser brought me back to life! Thanks to amazing people like them, I survived. This is Aurora, my hairdresser of six years and counting.

Locks of true love..

Accepting the new look!

A reflection of Sam's knock knock jokes and self criticism (she posed for me like the Hunchback of Notre Dame!!

Having a little too much fun with the props!

And that's "the" wrap!

The photos by Sam were also donated to the foundation for the office gallery and potentially for their developing website. I definitely had a great time sharing and shooting this experience and encourage anyone who is interested in participating in this event (from hair, monetary funds, or hosting marketing events) to visit for details.

Thank you Samantha for your amazing work in capturing the moment & my beautiful hairdresser Aurora, Natural Solutions Scarborough Town Centre, who made this "big cut" feel like any other.

Frances-Rose Sotto


  1. Cheryl said...:

    You are a beautiful person, inside and out! The world is a better place with people such as you in it! Thank you.

  1. I love it! So fresh! and for a good cause!

  1. -brittany- said...:

    what a cool thing to document and I love her short hair even more!

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