I'm 25!

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YES, it's true, I turned 25 one week ago! Renting cars has been a breeze ever since. Ha-ha!

Besides that everything, has remained pretty much the same. I was lucky to have lunch with my fam and homemade cupcakes from the sweetest girls in the world. We hit the town and spent our time laughing and eating like we usually do. Then I hopped on a plane into my sweetie's arms. I've learned that 97 degree weather can be enjoyable with a bike and a HUGE jug of water!

Great times... 25 is looking pretty good so far! :)


  1. Anina Botes said...:

    Happy belated B'day! I hope you had a wonderful day and may the years to come be filled with lots of love, happiness and joy!

  1. Christophe said...:

    ça donne faim tout ça !

  1. didier said...:

    oh !! Happy birthday to you !!:)
    good friends on your pictures !!
    I like so much the two last picture very funny looks !!!:)
    have a good day !

  1. r said...:

    Happy birthday!!!!!!!!!!

  1. THANK YOU! :)

  1. Shannon DeSouza said...:

    HAPPY BELATED... looks like you had a wonderful time!

  1. Pavan Kaul said...:

    Fantastic set with great timing to capture the wonderful expressions!

  1. fabrizio said...:

    I love this sunshine present in your photos in all situations of life!!! congrats

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