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I enjoy extraordinary circumstances. They allow us to grow by showing how much we are capable of. On the morning of Stephanie and Matthew's engagement shoot, it was pouring rain and almost pitch black outside! I was worried. I didn't want to have to reschedule, but the weather was not pleasant at all. Luckily, I gave Stephanie a call and she was so energetic and ready to go! Her excitement gave me a huge boost. We ended up having a blast shooting at High Park that afternoon despite the weather which actually wasn't so bad after all. They were so much fun and didn't mind getting a little wet for the occasion. 2012 can not come soon enough because I can't wait to shoot their wedding! And of course, a special thanks goes to my brother, who joined us and kept me dry behind the scenes!


  1. Alex said...:

    Beautiful images! And thanks for being an inspiration - just the other day I was telling my mom how I should really stop letting bad weather get in the way of my shoots and just bite the bullet and do it. This proves it can be a huge success :)

  1. Teej said...:

    these are really great! i love the energy of the couple and the way you capture them. fabulous!

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