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Dance, especially ballet, is an art form I admire. After following the Ballerina Project for some time, I was inspired to try something similar in the city of Windsor. When my two fearless dancers, Caroline and Heather, agreed to get their ballet shoes dirty in the Windsor streets, I couldn't control my excitement. The day of the shoot our grand Canadian weather was not particularly disagreeable. Winds were gusty, but we had a system that went something like this: (1) drive up to the location, (2) discuss the game plan, (3) sprint to the spot, (4) shoot for a 30 secs to 2 mins, (5) sprint back to the car, and (6) repeat. It was too cold to do it any other way. My mind was working a mile a minute, but the ladies held their poses like champs! Luckily, we got a few really lovely shots of around town with these two stunning artists expressing themselves through dance.


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