Miami v. E. Michigan.

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the last time I posted photos of my sis, i was at her team's practice at their home in Miami. the sun was shining then, the weather was sweet. this weekend the day of her game was non stop rain in Ypsilanti, Michigan where the redhawks met the eagles. let me me preface this with the fact that last year's game ended in Miami losing 5-0. this year they broke E. Michigan's undefeated record and won 1-0! my brother covered me with an umbrella as i got as close as i could. here are some i'd like to share. (go #24!!!)

tough defense!
double kick
splashy pass
C. Clarke


  1. Andrei Barbu said...:

    Great game shots, very well done and seen! I like how u composed the images, also very good framing!

  1. joshi daniel said...:

    nice action shots!

  1. fabrizio said...:

    wow samantha a very awesome set of photos I know that in america is called soccer but i prefer to call football or "calcio" as they say here in Italy :) however the photos are great fantastic colors have a nice day "ciao"

  1. Veronelle said...:

    wunderfull capture, great "instantanés"

  1. Sammy-J said...:

    Thanks to you all! It was rainy and wet I was just shooting away and was lucky to catch these gems.

    @fabrizio I've heard of the term football but never calcio, i've learned something new today!


  1. bishop said...:

    Some nice pics, especially the ones kicking the water! :)

  1. John Maslowski said...:

    Fantastic shots, excellent action freeze with stunning details and clarity. Definitely you have mastered capturing action sports with great results.

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