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Nat & Marco - Engagement Session

these two and their dog, Shiloh, were my very first engagement/couple shoot EVER! i was a little nervous at first and the rainy weather didn't help. although there was a possibility of rain we decided to head out last Saturday morning and see how the weather would hold up. turned out it was our lucky day! no heavy rain, just a few dark clouds and a little dirt, but lots of fun times at the location with Shiloh. let me just say that Shiloh had me laughing for the rest of the weekend! i want to thank the happy couple for letting me capture such a special time in their lives. i really enjoyed it and loved Marco's tips for the ring shots. enjoy!

Rouge Valley walk
Love by the tracks


  1. Andrei Barbu said...:

    Beautiful and amazing shots, excellent series!! And congratulations for your first engagement!! Great work!

  1. fabrizio said...:

    very nice set samantha personal shot color and b/w very delicates congrats

  1. frances-rose said...:

    Amazing Samantha Clark with an E..so inspiring =)

  1. Sammy-J said...:

    @Andrei and @fabrizio Thank you!

    @frances-rose Lol... with an E! Haha.. Thanks!!

  1. Veronelle said...:

    very good story on a sympatical couple

  1. yz said...:

    the reflection in the pond is really cool shot

  1. Melmo said...:

    Excellent work.....very creative shots!!!!

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