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In my life, I struggle with achievement. Who doesn't right? Well for me, the struggle lies in the fact that the goals I have seem so huge and therefore unattainable. Plus, the road I'm on seems so long and never ending. There are a few personal, academic, and business goals that are on my list for the next 5 years of my life and to be completely honest they scare me to death! I look at them and wonder "is this possible?", "does God want these things for me?", and "am I on the right track?"

I'm sharing mainly because although I'm scared, I have found comfort in reading the Bible especially where it says, "I can do ALL things through Christ who strengthens me" in Philippians 4:13. If these things are in God's divine plan for me, then I believe they will be done and I have nothing to fear and neither do you!

In the meantime, I ask that you bear with me as I climb. Thank you for reading.


  1. ashleigh said...:

    super inspirational post!! i get scared too sometimes. its fear of failure...but i always tell myself better to try and fail at what you love/want than to never try and just settle for mediocrity. so here's to trying and climbing girl!

    butttt i do have a bone to pick w/ you b/c now miley cyrus's "its the climb" song is STUCK IN MY HEAD. hmph. how rude. ;)

  1. SamanthaClarke said...:

    Thank Ashleigh! That song is totally inspirational I'll sing it with you. Haha!! :-)

    We're all climbing! Let's gooo this year.

  1. Cheryl said...:

    I too have had such thoughts throughout my life. But I know I can continue on with God's love and his plans. Your post is very inspirational!

  1. Seraphine said...:

    take small bites, samantha.
    go for the peas first, and the lettuce because its less filling.
    before you know it, you're halfway through the meal even though you weren't very hungry when you started.
    and so what if you leave something on the plate at the end. the main thing is to enjoy the meal, and take nourishment from it.
    don't worry about eating everything on your plate; the children in france won't starve if you do or don't.
    it's ok to share the dessert too.

    small bites, that's the key.
    enjoy the meal.
    take nourishment from everything you do.
    be kind to others.
    that's a recipe for success you can live with.

  1. Seraphine said...:

    oh, one thing i want to say about the stairs--
    i used to be a runner. here's some personal advice:
    always attack the hills,
    and coast the rest of the way.

  1. Pavan Kaul said...:

    I like the light and composition! Carry on fearlessly and you'll surely achieve all that you desire!

  1. SamanthaClarke said...:

    Thank you guys!

    Seraphine, WOW...your words are so wise and definitely ones to live by. It's a journey that can only be achieved one step at a time. Oh and I WILL attack the hills!... In life and at the gym! ;-)

  1. Tiffany said...:

    Great post.

  1. fabrizio said...:

    simply great it seems a prespective on movement

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