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Happy first day of Spring to each and every one!

The month of March has certainly vanished right before my eyes. I've realized that the time isn't waiting on me to get organized or to think about what needs to be done. I'll have to go with the flow and try to keep up! In the meantime, the weather has been perfect this past week so yesterday my cousin and I went to the park to play.

Take full advantage of TODAY!


  1. fabrizio said...:

    lovely set as always perfect in frame and light, fantastic

  1. Yvonne said...:

    Looks like a fun day at the park!

  1. Ericha said...:

    What a fun session!! They just scream SPRING! Great job Samantha! :)

  1. Seraphine said...:

    wow samantha, she's beautiful! what i like is she's a natural model- you had a great range of poses and faces to work with.
    and i like the small things- for instance her half-painted nails. it's playful.
    i think she had as much fun as you did.

  1. Anina Botes said...:

    She is so beautiful! Wonderful shots.

  1. Andrei Barbu said...:

    Beautiful series, seems very funny! U really like to work with people! Great work!

  1. Pavan Kaul said...:

    Samantha This is a wonderful portfolio of this lovely little girl...well done!

  1. Cheryl said...:

    She is so pretty and looks as if she had a great time.

  1. Anonymous said...:

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  1. didier said...:

    lumineux sourire de l'enfance !!:)

  1. Anonymous said...:

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    don't quit as well as keep penning considering it just well worth to read it,
    excited to find out much of your own article content, kind regards!

  1. Pierre C. said...:

    Great pics Samantha,

  1. Brianna Phelan said...:

    What a cutie she is. Love the last one and the one of her holding all of the wood chips and so many more. Great job (:

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