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I got the opportunity to attend former US President Bill Clinton's opening speech at the Enviro Expo 2010 held at Caesars in Windsor, Ontario. The event was organized by the Essex Region Conservation Foundation who dedicates its funds to protect and improve the local environment.

Prior to this event, I didn't realize the amount of work that Clinton has done to combat climate change and increase kids and families dedication to healthy living and activity. His speech was lengthy but fairly engaging as he discussed globalization, environmental stewardship, and protecting the region's natural heritage. Apparently Windsor needs as much help as possible in this department and hopefully Clinton's address will inspire all of us to take action and find solutions.


  1. Cheryl said...:

    Wow, what a wonderful opportunity to hear President Clinton speak! I would love to attend such a speaking event. Have a wonderful week!

  1. rags said...:

    Very nice work. Keep it up!

  1. Andrei Barbu said...:

    Great series, i like how you caught the moments! Excellent!

  1. -brittany- said...:

    sweet Samanatha! So awesome that you got to attend and take some cool pics too!

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