Chicago Streetscapes.

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My visit to the city of Chicago was the perfect opportunity to try my hand at Streetscape photography. I've always admired the work of Monica L. Shulman because she has the incredible ability to make any street look full of life. Here is my attempt at the street style genre. Chicago had a myriad of pretty sights, but I've managed to choose a few of my faves for this post. Enjoy!


  1. fabrizio said...:

    wonderful shots in vertical depth, fantastic set in perfect shapness, all perfect for me, compliments Samantha

  1. Natalya said...:

    Gorgeous, Sam! I think my favorite is the B&W one.

  1. Pavan Kaul said...:

    Hi Samantha, this is a fabulous collection of brilliant studies in lines and angles...the compositions re wonderful with superb colors, depth and detail! Great work!

  1. rags said...:

    I like your use of lines and composition in these images.

  1. Josee said...:

    i loveeee it!!!

  1. Thanks everyone!

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