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It feels absolutely amazing to share something with someone else. Whether it's a smile or a box of chocolates, to me there's nothing better. In my case, I share images with people. I get to freeze special moments in time forever and then share them with the world (well maybe not the whole world, but just the few that read the blog!). It feels great to get to do that on a regular basis. It may be my soul purpose in life.

Today, I got to share. Wedding albums are so special as they can be shared over time with children and grand-children! What a pleasure it was to deliver Robin and Melissa's album to them today. Portrait sessions are also great for coffee table albums. I design them and provide a preview to my clients before getting them printed and professionally bound. I personally love them and always have a hard time giving them away!

Feel free to contact me for more information on my customizable coffee table albums when booking your session with me. They come in all shapes and sizes and are great as gifts and wedding guest-books too!


  1. Ericha said...:

    Gorgeous album!

  1. Samantha Clarke said...:

    Thanks Ericha! : )

  1. . s h e r r y * said...:

    :) That's a lovely album!!

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