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It's the most wonderful time of the year! NOT. Well to some it is, I think this time of year is bitterweet. I'm always looking forward to campus life and all it has to offer. The stuff that makes school, school; back-to-school shopping, coffee, deep intellectual conversations over coffee, reading and paper writing with coffee... It is safe to say that there is a correlation between school and my coffee intake. Either way, this season is one that I will tackle with all I've got. Although the summer months were busy, extremely restful, and fun they are officially (and sadly) OVER.

So I am writing this post to publicly challenge myself. Not only will I be in the 'complete my masters paper' zone, but I will be teaching undergrads, and working at my day job as President of the grad student body. Meanwhile, I'll be shooting and blogging in every piece of free time I have! Last but not least, I'll be completing applications for the next possible BIG step in my academic career. So yeah, there it is, right here for the world to see. I know it's a lot, and that it won't be easy, but I'm going to seriously pray about it. I know it's possible with lots of prayer, my daily planner, and my support team - maybe a little coffee here and there. Let's make a deal, if you pray for me, I promise I'll pray for you. : )

I'd like to leave you with some images from my recent visit to a local book store. You'll see that it's quite charming and the pictures quite fitting considering all the reading I'll be doing. The owner recommended I read the following book - she was hilarious.

Have a great Labor Day!


  1. fabrizio said...:

    superb use of aperture, wonderful

  1. Samantha Clarke said...:

    Thanks Fabrizio!

  1. Kirk said...:

    I was looking over your have a lot of great work here! You've captured so many meaningful moments at your weddings.

    Yes, this is a bittersweet time of year. It's nice to hear that there is at least one other grad student photographer. Best of luck with the MA thesis and with your next big step! Balance isn't always easy, but it makes the photography that much more rewarding...and judging by the book, you adopt the notion of multiple intelligences anyway.


  1. Omgosh! I admire you for going to school, plus doing photography! You are super busy!! I need to go back to school... my 1 semester break after my son was born has turned into 2 years :o

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